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I'm back!

Yay! I am so back.

But I'm kinda sad because of the news that shookt Arashians around the world

No one, as in no one expected that they will go on a hiatus, because as you can see, their group is having a strong bond,but I guess, they already sacrificed a lot of things, I guess, it's not bad to take a break ne?


I'm back AGAIN!

Oh yes! after how many months, I am so back again!

Being an adult sure is so difficult. WORK+ GRADUATE STUDIES + BILLS TO PAY+ STUDENT LOANS TO PAY= death hahaha

Anyway, there are lots of things that happened to the fandom. So let me start, recently our beloved Matsumoto Jun celebrated his 35th birthday (BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) I am sure that lots of fans all over the world, greeted him through twitter, facebook and all (hoping he can read all of those greetings!). Next stuff is the successful showing of Ninomiya Kazunari and Kimura Takuya's movie Kensatsugawa no Zainin, I heard that they became close after the movie, and I must say I wanted to cry! those two, in terms of acting, they are the perfect comibination, and mind you, I have the feeling that Kensatsugawa is a great movie.

Next stuff is of course, the noise that was created by Kimutaku's daughter, Koki. Koki took the world by storm when she debuted in showbiz as a professional model. And honestly, I can say that good genes really runs in Kimura Family!, Koki (Mitsuki, her real name) is a carbon copy of Kimutaku, with the same gaze and fierce look, man!

Next stuff, is the news that Keito Okamoto of Hey!Say Jump is now in New York to study  American Acadademy of arts. Before his announcement, Keito eas mentioned in one the Shukan Bushun's news saying that Keito will leave the group due to alleged "improper behavior", but it is good that Keito cleared this up. REally Shukan Bushun!

And last but not the least, this one made all the Johnny's fans so happy! Arama released an article that TAKIZAWA HIDEAKI (Tackey) is being rumored to be the next successor of Johnny Kitagawa. Although this is good to be true, however, there is no official confirmation from Johnny's. But if this will be true, then it will be so Ironic for Mary and Julie Kitagawa, after all the issues they created, after all the factions, after all the commotion that was created for that position, at the end it will be given to someone which is not a relative, buut certainly very well-deserved. Well I hope, Johnny Kitagawa will really name tackey as his next successor, I'm sure that Johnny's Entertainment will be more successful than ever.

So there you go. I hope I did not miss anything. Ahhhhh it's good to be back!

Sources: Kimura Takuya's daughter made a showbiz debut
Keito Okamoto Plans to study abroad
Takizawa Hideaki Named as Johnny's successor


Yoru no Kage craze

So I'm having LSS to MatsumotoxNinomiyaxOhno's yoru no kage maybe because the tune is so catchy and intoxicating. From the start, I know that there's a hint of being sensual to the song, so I researched for the translation. and yes, it is sensual but there's still the deep meaning of it. GAAAAAAAAH I so love this trio!

Grind I can sense that I'm wavering A secret at midnight showing me the way

I can't wait any longer, I'm countin' down
Seeking you out with body over words
Your sweetly lingering scent invites me in
Unbothered by the dripping sweat, I try to find you
Show me your sweet shape
This panorama of desire on the verge of overheating

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Just begin
The first touch that made the silence disappear
Let me overwrite the order and rules
That you shut down Wanna make you mine

Let's dance within the small opening of the night sky Hurry! Hurry!
Oh girl, oh girl Can't stop me now
Just casually passing by
Then let's confirm each other physically now
A fascination born out of the neon lights playing
Two silhouettes melting
That's right Easy, easy Be bold
No more I want to feel you

Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap You and I
Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Here we go

Sleep You're lightly asleep Rather than repeat this
I want to keep wandering out onto that sea And dip my heartbeat into it

Surrounded by dripping sounds
Fallin' like a rolling coaster
The two of us upside down Wanna know you

Our wrestling continues More Diggin'! Diggin'!
Oh girl, oh girl Can't stop you now
But in contrast, you're overflowing with preciousness
Unbalancing my heart and soul
Passionate to the limit, so much we can't breathe
Second by second, in fact
More, gimme gimme Signalled by a kiss
This negotiation is getting more and more heated up

Even if I hold you tightly, it doesn't fulfill me
Can't get enough
Wandering around aimlessly on the other side of consciousness Time is up
No matter how often I get to steal your whispering lips
Can't get enough
Those glimpses of slight confusion you show, are precious too
Maybe I'll stay by your side a little longer...

Let's dance within the small opening of the night sky Hurry! Hurry!
Oh girl, oh girl Can't stop me now
Just casually passing by
Then let's confirm each other physically now
A fascination born out of the neon lights playing
Two silhouettes melting
That's right Easy, easy Be bold
No more I want to feel you

(all credits to otsukarepandas


New Single on November

The title track is described as a medium tempo ballad about the importance of moving forward despite the difficult relationships you may have with people in different organizations and society. It has been picked up as the theme song for NTV's upcoming drama 'Saki ni Umareta dake no Boku' starring member Sakurai Sho.

Limited Edition 1 will come with a DVD containing the PV and its making-of footage for "Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~." Meanwhile, the DVD for Limited Edition 2 will include the PV and its making-of footage for the coupling track (currently untitled) that's said to have a light and pop rhythm and a catchy choreography.

[Limited Edition 1]

01. Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~
02. Untitled A
03. Untitled A (Original Karaoke)


・「Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~」Video Clip + Making

[Limited Edition 2]

01. Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~
02. Untitled B


・「Untitled B」Video Clip + Making

[Regular Edition]

01. Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~
02. Untitled B
03. Untitled C
04. Untitled D
05. Doors~Yuuki no Kiseki~ (Original Karaoke)
06. Untitled B (Original Karaoke)
07. Untitled C (Original Karaoke)
08. Untitled D (Original

Source: http://www.tokyohive.com/article/2017/09/arashi-to-release-53rd-single-in-november

And here's me when i found out that Arashi will have a new single I was Like seriously guys! You have your Untitled album this October and on November a new single? Come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MONEY WHERE  ARE YOUUUUUUUUUUU

Aug. 30th, 2017

Before the this day ends, I wanna greet Matsumoto Jun a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!




Back Again...

Yay! I'm back again! After 5364836482 I was able to open my LJ. Being a teacher is such a hard work but I can say it's fun being in front of the class.

Right now, I'm trying to be updated about the JPOP world. Anyway I'm currently hooked to KDRAMA and I must say yeah, they're so addicting as JDRAMA. Ah, too many JDrama and KDrama to watch. Another thing that keeps me busy is listening to Classical Music, thanks to Nodame Cantabile. (A bit late watchng this 2002 Jdrama)

Just a bit of Info, Nodame Cantabile is a is a manga by Tomoko Ninomiya. Well this is about music and the story revolves around Shinichi Chiaki, an arrogant, multilingual perfectionist, is the top student at Momogaoka College of Music and has secret ambitions to become a conductor. Born into a musical family, he is talented in piano and violin and once lived abroad in the music capitals of the world as a young boy (namely Prague), but is trapped in Japan because of his childhood phobia of airplanes and the ocean. And Megumi Noda is a piano student at Momogaoka, notorious for messiness and eccentric behavior. Despite being very talented, Nodame prefers to play by ear rather than according to the musical score; thus, she is regarded as sloppy and playful. So yeah as the story progress, they get closer to each other.

I really love how Juri Ueno portray the eccentric character of Noda, and for me, there's no one that is more suitable than Ueno Juri play the part. As for Hiroshi Tamaki, one word... HANDSOME! . anyway he also did an excellent job in portraying Shinichi-kun and yasssss like what I've said... He's so handsome!! Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Another Notable Character is of course, non other than EITA! geez! I never thought i will watch Eita doing a comedic character but yeah! That only proves how versatile Eita is! Can't stop laughing whenever he will deliver his comedic lines. As for Masumi-chan, I think that one is the most difficult character to deliver, well you know Masumi-chan, but hey Koide Keisuke got it for us. Well i guess i'll give 10/10 for this dorama.


Too busy to do fangirling .

Uwaaaaa~ After 3 months or so, I was able to update my account agian. Being an adult sure is a lot of work. I don't even have a time to check what's going on to the fandom world.
Today is May 9 so let me hav eth opportunity to greet a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YAMADA RYOSUKE! ( see, I'm too busy that I just realized five minutes ago that today is his birthday.)

Eventhough I'm too busy with my "Adult life" I'm still thankful that i have a little time to watch some videos and anime.

I recently watched the anime Haikyuu, and  I must say that Haikyuu is worth watching! I mean there is no special effects, no exaggerated technique, just purely sports and teamwork. After I wached both season 1 and 2 I was able to finish last night the musical play entiltle Hyper projection performance Haikyuu. And I'm going to give 10/10 to the cast! Man! It feels so real!

Anyway, I just want to share it so yeah.. hahahaha



Heya~ It's been a while since I've last updated my journal, my schedule is so hectic that I don't have time to fangirl anymore.
I'm so lucky that we have a one week worth of vacation, so meaning to say one week of vacation means one week of fangirling.

Since I finally got my freetime, I decided to watch a Jdorama series entitled Tennonno Ryoriban (Emperor's cook) starring Satoh Takeru as Tokuzo Akiyama the main character of the series. So yes basically, it's all about cooking but actually this drama is more than just cooking but it also tackles in achieving our dream, let me give you the gist of the story.

It is New Year’s Day in 1904 (Meiji 37). The Akiyamas of Fukui Prefecture, led by the father, Shuzo, are filled with hope. The eldest son, Shutaro, who has his sights set on becoming a lawyer, has returned home. His only worry is his 16-year-old second son, Tokuzo. Shuzo’s anxiety proves right. Tokuzo is expelled by the temple where he was training to be a monk. Amidst the new year celebrations, Tokuzo is carried into the house in an unconscious state. The Akiyamas fret that he maybe dead, but according to the monk who brought him over, he had debased a monk’s grave in a graveyard while drunk on alcohol. Concerned about the future of his son who gives up on whatever he does easily, Shuzo arranges for Tokuzo to be taken into the Takahamas of Sabae who run Matsumaeya, a kelp wholesale business. Tokuzo thus begins a new life as the husband of the family’s eldest daughter, Toshiko. It is surprisingly easy for him to get accustomed to the job of a kelp wholesaler. Tokuzo is able to distinguish the kelp from different places of origin with his keen sense of smell, and even Toshiko’s father, Kinnosuke who is the owner of the business, gives Tokuzo due respect. Tokuzo gradually fits into the Takahamas, and a smile event appears on Toshiko’s face. Then one day, Tokuzo’s interest is aroused by an indescribable smell wafting out from the kitchen while out on a delivery to the Sabae regiment. In the kitchen, Sergeant Tanabe Yukichi, who has been preparing ingredients that Tokuzo has never seen before, is about to cook meat, which is not part of the dietary habits of the prefecture. Unable to suppress his excitement, Tokuzo continues to watch Tanabe’s cooking with great interest. With some encouragement from Tanabe, he takes a bite of the freshly-fried cutlet and is jolted in a way he has never experienced since he was born. This is the moment that changes Tokuzo’s life. After that day, he starts to lie about making sales pitches, and takes lessons in cooking from Tanabe at the Sabae regiment. He does not grow tired of the food, which he has never seen and eaten, and feels happiness for the first time in his life. This motivates him to have the impossible dream of becoming a chef of Western cuisine. In order to achieve this dream, Tokuzo goes to Tokyo to get a fresh start. He has to face numerous challenges which fuel his growth. He travels to Paris in France for training, which is rare for a Japanese in those times. Battling discrimination and prejudice, he becomes the chef of the grand Hotel Ritz, and eventually takes charge of the Emperor’s kitchen as the chief steward of the Imperial Household Department at the young age of 26. In the chaotic aftermath of World War II, he struggles to find out what he can do for his country and mounts diplomacy with food. (c) to jdramas.wordpress.com

I can say that this drama is so good. Takeru SAtoh proves that he is really a versatile actor, and not just that, this drama has a special effect on me, because  i can see myself in Tokuzo (TAkeru-san). I've experienced that kidn feeling that you don't know what you want to do and you are just doing things just because of the spur of the moment but you can feel that it's not meant for you. Aside from that aspect, this drama also illustrates that if we want to achieve our dream we must not give up and just continue no matter what challenges we might face. Lastly, although this is set during Meiji Era, It kinda give you a nostalgic or should I say free ride back to the past. I'll give this drama 10/10!

                                            Nankyoku Tairiku ~Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari~

Hi there Minna-san! It's been a month again since I've post anything here in my blog. Well being a teacher is not that easy you know.

Since I have my 1 week  vacation break I've decided to watch Nankyoku Tairiku starring Kimura Takuya. Basically, Nakyoku Tairiku means : Antartica the continent ( I'm not really sure but since Nankyoku means Antartica and Tairiku is Continent so more likely that's the meaning hahah) Nankyoku Tairiku is a drama commemorating TBS's 60th anniversary,  the story is about 11 members who were sent to the South Pole for the first time in February 1957 in a national project to explore Antartica. They were accompanied by a dogsled of 19 Sakhalin huskies. When they left for Japan a year later, they were forced to leave the dogs behind due to the bad weather. In January 1959, Kuramochi Takeshi (Kimura Takuya)  and some others joined a third expedition to ascertain the fate of the dogs. At first, I thought this drama series is kinda boring, you know, the setting is around 1957 or known as the Post-war period, another reason is that the theme of the drama is about exploring Antartica where we all know that we already have lots of series/ drama with the same theme. But all that thought disappeared after I watched the first episode, man! this drama is such a tear jerker! I mean, yes the drama is about antartica but  the most stricking part here is that the series is not just revolving around antartica or around Kimura Takuya and the rest of the cast but it also revolves around the dogs they brought with them to Antartica,

This drama is probably the best I've ever watched, this is the first Jdrama that made me cry every episode. TBS made a great decision in enrtusting the character of Kuramochi Takeshi to Kimura Takuya, with a great procuction as this of course they need to find an appropriate  artists to play each characters, If my sources I've read is correct, TBS spend a lot with the production because they really went to Antartica to shoot some scenes, (WHOA!!!). One thing that adds so much drama with this series is that Kimura Takuya loves dogs and with that factor you can really feel the bond between Kuramochi Takeshi and the dogs. I also want to commend the 19 Sakhlin Huskies in this drama, whoever trained them, he/she did a great job!

I'm still watching the drama, currently I'm with episode 7 and man I think I need to prepare more tissues. Hahah If i will rate this drama I will give this  with 10/10! oh by the way I will also give 10/10 with the title, haha they sure win for the longest Jdrama title Nankyoku Tairiku ~Kami no Ryouiki ni Idomunda Otoko to Inu no Monogatari~  ( Antarctica ~The Story of Dogs and Men Who Challenged the Field of God~)